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About Us

Youth Power Solution is one of Bangladesh’s renowned power solution companies with the most delinquent technology and an adequately trained workforce. 

Some of our services

We are providing a wide range of services through our dynamic team. Project pre-planning to post constructional tests, we provide full support to our honorable clients.

Pre Project Planning

Project Support

Project Preparation


Post Construction

Our Products

We have a huge product lineup to uphold our business to ensure full fledged support to our valuable clients; such as: BBT, Substation Full Setup, LPS, Automation Solution & related spare parts.
  • Busbar Tranking System (BBT)
  • Substation Equipment
  • Lightning Protection System (LPS)
  • Automation Solution
  • Spare Products

Busbars are metal bars accustomed to carrying giant amounts of current. Electrical conductor systems are a standard approach to electrical wiring, where rather than a typical cable wiring to each single device, the electrical devices are mounted onto AN adapter that is directly fitted to a current carrying conductor. Busbars are metal bars accustomed to carrying giant amounts of current.

A substation is a location where transformation or switching takes place.The switchyards, switches, circuit breakers, and transformers for the association and disconnection of transformers gate breakers.These are some Substation Transformer RMU, HT Panel (LBS, VCB) LT / PCC Panel (ACB, MCCB) ,PFI Plant/ Cabinet, MDB, DB, SDB, EDB, Etc.
Lighting Protection System (LPS) That are high voltage currents from a lightning strike can perpetually take the trail of exertion to ground. Lighting Protection System (LPS) is that the system that has a way by that a lightning discharge might enter or leave earth while not passing through and damaging personnel, electrical instrumentation, and non-conducting structures like buildings

Industrial automation is the use of control systems. Automation describes a wide range of technologies that reduce human intervention in processes.Different types of automation solutions like Industrial Automation , Solution & Services ,PLC Programming, PLC Base Machine Automation,PLC Based Industrial Panel,PLC Program Design and Commissioning.

A spare part that are service part, repair, or replacement part that is kept in an inventory and used for the repair or replacement of failed units. Some spare product medium voltage switchgear product (VCB,IDMT Relay), low voltage switchgear, products (ACB MCCB,MCB,RCCB, MPCB), control product (Magnetic contactor, overload relay, timer, relay), automation product (Inverter, Soft Starter,plc, HMI), PFL products (Power, Capacitor, capacitance duty), Etc.

Our Major Clients

Right now we are providing on-demand support to several residential & corporate businesses. A few of them are: